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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a blackhead develop?

A blackhead generally develops from a build-up of sebum and dead skin cells in the mouth of the hair follicle. A difference can be made between closed comedones (blackheads) and open comedones (spots with a white tip). In general, a blackhead is a precursor to a pimple if left unchecked.

Why do you get blackheads?

Hormonal changes and (make-up with) mineral oils can make blackheads worse. Make-up itself is not necessarily bad for the skin, but when make-up is mixed with sweat and sebum it is. So always wash the make-up off your face or clean it with a facial cleanser before going to sleep.
Blackheads are actually the fats of the skin mixed in with the dead skin cells that are trapped in your pores. There are many, many different ways to effectively remove and even prevent blackheads. But to put it very simply: remove or reduce dead skin cells and reduce the production of sebum / skin oils.

On this website you can find a solution against the blackhead.

What better not to do?

If you suffer from blackheads, you have probably already searched for how to get rid of your blackheads as quickly as possible. Many tips that you find on the internet are unfortunately not such a good idea. You shouldn't do these things:

  • Squeezing pimples and blackheads: When you squeeze spots and blackheads, you damage your skin. Sometimes this damage is even permanent, if the squeezing causes scars. There are also often bacteria on your hands. When they come into contact with your skin, they can aggravate blemishes and blackheads.
  • Removing pimples and blackheads with a needle: many websites recommend using a needle (whether or not in combination with a comedone spoon), but this is the same as for squeezing pimples. With the needle you cause (permanent) damage to your skin. In addition, a needle can cause problems if it is not sterile. With the Beauty Pro's Skin Cleaner you can safely remove your blackheads.

How can you best remove blackheads?

It is important that you have deep-set blackheads not expresses with your nails. This could damage the skin, causing a wound that is prone to inflammation. Dirt and bacteria under your nails can also cause new infections. How can you best remove blackheads? There are several options for this:

  • Safe and fast with our Skin Cleaner

  • Exfoliate your skin with the Skin Cleaner *

  • With a comedone spoon (harmful to the skin)

  • By a beautician (harmful to your wallet)

* Exfoliating ensures healthy skin. Exfoliating is actually peeling off the "old / dead" skin. This is simply an act of removing dead skin cells so that beautiful new skin can open up.

How do I use the Skin Cleaner?

First of all, read the supplied instruction carefully. Then you test the device on your arm or hand to feel the force. To properly cleanse your skin, your pores must be open and free. You can do this by taking a warm / lukewarm shower or putting a lukewarm towel on your face for ten minutes. Then you turn on the Skin Cleaner and it is already on position II. You should have already tested the Skin Cleaner on your arm or hand and you now know how powerful the device is. Start at position I and feel which strength level is suitable for your skin. Do not stay in one place for more than 2 seconds, but move from the center of your face to the outside. This ensures the best result.

Now it is very tempting to vacuum your skin thoroughly, but beware: handling the Skin Cleaner too aggressively can cause red streaks (bruises) on the face. This will disappear within a few hours so don't be alarmed.

Do you notice that your skin feels dry and tight after removing impurities? Then it may be that the level of the Skin Cleaner is too strong for your skin type. Then try a lower suction level.

In addition, it is important not to use oily creams or petroleum jelly that can close your pores.

Better blood flow.

The Skin Cleaner also ensures better circulation in the face. This stimulates cell renewal and that will eventually result in a young-looking, fresh skin.

Does the Skin Cleaner work on the mains?

No, the Skin Cleaner charges you via a USB port, just like most phones today. The Skin Cleaner works completely wireless and lasts a long time. Do not use it in the shower . It can break if it comes into contact with water.

Is the Skin Cleaner safe?

Certainly! the Skin Cleaner is extremely safe when used responsibly. Therefore, read the enclosed instructions carefully

How often can I use the Skin Cleaner?

Some people notice after the first treatment that their skin looks and feels a lot cleaner and purer. It is important that you continue to treat consistently. Especially the first 2/3 weeks. Then treat 2-3 times a week. After that, it is up to you to determine how often you want to treat. For some people, 1 treatment every 2 weeks is sufficient. This is entirely up to you. Your skin naturally also reacts to external influences. So when your skin is facing a somewhat “worse” period, you can safely treat more often.

Do I have a warranty with Beauty Pro's?

Of course we give a 2 year warranty on our products unless the damage is caused by yourself. We give a 2-year warranty on technical elements because all our products are developed according to the highest standards.

What is included with the Skin Cleaner?

1 Skin Cleaner device
1 Take along / travel bag for your Skin Cleaner
1 USB charging cable
1 User manual
5 Different attachments


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